Thursday, September 22, 2011

Crisis Unfolds at H-P Over CEO Following Our Blogpost - Committing Corporate Suicide HP

The stock has been down more than 50% in the last 11 months under Leo's leadership. I am not surprised at all that HP board is finally firing Leo as I had published a blog post a month ago - Committing Corporate Suicide HP holding the board accountable for not only Leo's appointment but also Carly's and Hurd's.

The shareholder dissatisfaction is so high that firing Leo or bringing in Meg Whitman will not turn things around but things could improve from now on with almost any CEO I must admit.  I would also change all board members who should be held accountable for the wrong CEO appointments three times in a row.

Another suggestion I'd have is to get out of the Autonomy deal at whatever cost possible as they had offered ridiculously high premium for a company that was shopping itself around for years.

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