Monday, July 18, 2011

Open Text to Buy Global 360 for $260 million

OpenText, Canada’s acquisitive enterprise content management software company, has ambitions in the fragmented business process management (BPM) market. This time, it has acquired Global 360, a US software vendor specialising in case management - 16 of the top 20 financial services firms use its software to streamline processes and ensure regulatory compliance.

OpenText says the acquisition, valued at about $260 million, will help it compete in the emerging field of adaptive case management, which combines content management, BPM, analytics and user experience technologies.

In February, OpenText acquired Metastorm, one of the best-known specialist BPM vendors. The latest version of Metastorm’s BPM software, unveiled last week, incorporates new features designed to improve collaboration with colleagues.

Open Text is one of the two largest independent Enterprise Content Management (ECM) player about to reach a billion dollar mark. The company has announced great quarterly results and seems to have increased its pace and scale of acquisitions. In the light of more go-to-market investments, headcount increase in direct sales and consultants while also increasing capex into data centers for Cloud services, I tend to increasingly worry about what might hapen later this year.

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