Sunday, March 14, 2010

10 Ideas for the Next 10 Years

I loved Time Magazine's article this week on the most important trends of our times mostly because it offers a fresh perspective on how the society is changing and what it means for successfull marketers.

10 Important Trends:

1. The Next American Century

2. Remapping the World

3. Bandwidth Is the New Black Gold

4. The Dropout Economy

5. China and the U.S.: The Indispensable Axis

6. In Defense of Failure

7. The White Anxiety Crisis

8. TV Will Save the World

9. The Twilight of the Elites

10.The Boring Age
Please check it out and let me know what you think!

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Matt Krause said...

Hakan bey,

In "The Next American Century", Time notes:

"As anyone raised in a different country will tell you, two of the strongest impressions someone has on arriving in the U.S. are 1) what a great country this seems to be, and 2) what a mess it must be, judging by the tenor of news coverage and political discourse."

What is your opinion? Your first impressions of the US probably came a long time ago, but what are your impressions of it these days?